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Scanner Australia Broadcasting
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  • Welcome to Scanner Australia Broadcasting!

    There currently is this annoying bug I am looking into that insists you have entered the wrong password even though you have, if you log in an get an error page please just ignore and navigate to the home page (top left) or anywhere else. Thanks and sorry for the issue.

    You can find all about Broadcasting, information, community integration and a comprehensive user submitted library of frequencies, TGIDs (Talk Group IDs) and control channels for the GRN.

    You do not need to register to access the live streams they will always be free, HOWEVER..If you subscribe to my youtube channel or register on this website you will get many perks that you dont get. Plus if you are the kind sort and donate $1 or $2 - whatever you can afford, it will help me keep this website, its services and broadcasts alive. Remember, sign up is free, easy and your information wont be shared with anyone. You will also never receive newsletters from this site unless you selected it in your preferences.

    We are a crowdfunded Live Broadcast site which also offers in-depth information and resources on everything Scanning Related. With a growing community and ever increasing wealth of information, we strive to build the go-to site for Scanning Hobbyists and news-seekers alike.

    Even though the variety of information varies state by state, I am constantly adding more data and information for more Australian states. If you cannot find the info you are looking for please first check the forums. There is a good chance that a member has posted something useful under your home state. If you still come up empty please start a new thread in the relevant forum and I will answer as soon as I can - I am a one-man show so please be patient. If it is urgent please tweet me publicly.

    I sincerely hope that you enjoy this website and that you will find the information and broadcast offered here interesting. I need your help to keep this stream alive! After nearly 20 years of running this service for free, I would appreciate if you could visit the subscription page to take up one of our packages for $5 or $10 a year - or whatever you can afford really. Every dollar counts. It will go a long way to help me keep this site going long into the future. Click to have a look Thank you so much

    Update 29/12/2020
    The Youtube channel streaming live in 11h50m increments which is the max time available to live streaming. You can access both live and archives by visit here.
    I am currently busy publishing all Analog Police Archives I have collected over the decades of streaming. You can catch the broadcasts on youtube - both live and archived.

    Update 29/12/2020
    Shortly I will start offering dabatase programming service for both the UBCD396T and UBCD536-PT digital scanners by Uniden. This service will provide you with the latest GRN database for your area as a digital download for you to directly copy to your scanner. I will announce pricing once the details have been worked out. It wont be more than $15 - $20 a copy.

    Update 29/12/2020
    I introduced a new feature, you will be able to see a listing of Australian Compatible Scanners. This feature is still in development but you can get an early preview from the top of the main menu - Just click on Scanner Database. I hope you enjoy the new features being introduce and dont forget that this is still in the early works.


NSW Government Radio Network Live Feed

Please help - Scanner Australia is in financial problems. Press the button below to help keep the service free - come January 6 2021 the feed will be behind a paywall otherwise if I do not get at least 15 dollars in donations.

These broadcasts are monitoring a combined 2000 talk groups plus automatic switches to emergency frequencies in times of trouble such as bush fires,no ads or other junk. IF you hear ads on Broadcastify or see them on YouTube - those ARE NOT MINE!

Live Connect Image
Use the boxes below to connect to the feeds.

NSW GRN - Greater Sydney Area

Primary Emergency Services - Statewide NSW

or alternatively:


Use the above YT link to connect to my new Youtube Channel - Primary Emergency Services - Statewide NSW

NSW GRN - Greater Sydney Area

/2500 users are currently using the NSW GRN - Greater Sydney Area

Primary Emergency Services - Statewide NSW

/2500 users are currently using the Primary Emergency Services - Statewide NSW

Important Changes to the Broadcast

First of all thank you for all those who donated, subscribed and/or joined my Youtube. Due to your help I am proud to announce the purchase of the latest generation scanner - the UBCD536-PT. This scanner does not only allow proper TGID naming but it also improves reception, increases the number of channels I can receive but it also adds clarity to the communications like never before. This scanner is now in full operation and is running on my internal datbase 5.1.

Importantly it does APCO25 Phase II which the GRN will switch to sometime in 2021 - which will make all other scanners door stops pretty much. Its sad but we have to move with the times.

It costs me several hundred dollars a quarter to maintain this website, licensing and software so I decided to get into the cruel Youtube World. If you want to help me out but dont want to spend any money (who does?), please head to my Youtube Channel and become a subscriber. It will help me a great deal. The primary stream will always be free but I alway am looking for ways to survive another 3 months. So if you can help me, take up one of the support packages (thanks), become a patreaon (thanks!) or subscribe to my Youtube Channel (THANKS!!).

This is all for now in terms of updates, but before I forget, the Scanner Australia Toolkit 2020 is currently NOT working. I am going to release an updated fixed version over the months - when I feel better and depending on my schedule.

Current Broadcast Range

General New South Wales Government Radio Network Reception picked up by my equipment:
  • Government Liaison Channels (Sydney Metro and surrounds) - used by Police not yet on Encrypted bands
  • Endeavour Energy (formerly Integral Energy)
  • NSW Fire & Rescue Services
  • State Emergency Services also know as the SES
  • Ambulance Service NSW
  • Security - Self explanatory
  • Sydney Trains Network - Trains and Train Stations across the greater Sydney Area
  • Sheriff - usually encrypted
  • Department of Corrections - usually encrypted
  • Roads & Maritime services such as the RMS (formely known as RTA)
  • Sydney Ports Corporation
  • Australian Broadcasting Corporation
  • Sydney Waterways such as Ferries
  • GRN Short Term - Private companies borrowing the GRN for private use
  • ESO - Emergency Liaison Channels - Used for terrorism, disasters, etc
  • GL - Government Liaison Channels - Used for terrorism, disasters, etc
  • Sydney Water Police
  • Sydney Parks
  • There are many more - too many to list here. I quarterly release the full list to premium subscribers

  • Keep in mind that reception will be better and more suited in emergencies when you use the new steam - Statewide

    Having trouble connecting?

    First, please make sure that the stream is currently online. You can always check that by pressing "Service Status" at the top of this page. If it still doesnt work, please visit your client area and submit a support ticket. A staff member will respond to you shortly. You will need to be a member to submit a support ticket.

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