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  • Welcome to Scanner Australia Broadcasting!

    You can find all about Broadcasting, information, community integration and a comprehensive user submitted library of frequencies, TGIDs (Talk Group IDs) and control channels for the GRN.

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    Update 29/12/2020
    The Youtube channel streaming live in 11h50m increments which is the max time available to live streaming. You can access both live and archives by visit here.
    I am currently busy publishing all Analog Police Archives I have collected over the decades of streaming. You can catch the broadcasts on youtube - both live and archived.

    Update 29/12/2020
    Shortly I will start offering dabatase programming service for both the UBCD396T and UBCD536-PT digital scanners by Uniden. This service will provide you with the latest GRN database for your area as a digital download for you to directly copy to your scanner. I will announce pricing once the details have been worked out. It wont be more than $15 - $20 a copy.

    Update 29/12/2020
    I introduced a new feature, you will be able to see a listing of Australian Compatible Scanners. This feature is still in development but you can get an early preview from the top of the main menu - Just click on Scanner Database. I hope you enjoy the new features being introduce and dont forget that this is still in the early works.


New South Wales and Australian Capital Audio and Video Broadcast now also on YouTube

These broadcasts are monitoring a combined 2000 talk groups plus automatic switches to emergency frequencies in times of trouble such as bush fires,no ads or other junk. IF you hear ads on Broadcastify or see them on YouTube - those ARE NOT MINE!

Live Connect Image
Use the boxes below to connect to the feeds.

Primary Emergency Services - Statewide NSW

Connect directly through Broadcastify servers (hosted to increase load capacity).

Click here to launch.

If you dont like ads, use my Youtube Feed which provides higher quality, visual information and can be streamed live. My YouTube Channel is ad-free.

YouTube Alternative:


All NSW & ACT Emergency First Responders Communications

/1000 people are listening to the live broadcast using the UBCT-536-PT new equipment to receive up-to-date news.

This is an example of a popular YouTube video:

NSW Police Analog - Recording date: 21/10/2006 - Police & Emergency Services

This was not a cheap purchase but well worth it, audio quality, range, information display and many other features have improved or been added. This is the primary state wide scanner now. The scanner is quite advanced and the database management allows me now to sell databases for this scanner at a very low cost. So if you own a scanner like this and have no idea how to program it or where to start, have a look at my store on this website. There is an ever increasing list of areas I am creating custom datbases for. I will even help you install it on your scanner.

UBCT-536-PT Emergency Responder Coverage

New South Wales Government Radio Network services picked up by my equipment to-date:
  • Government Liaison Channels (Sydney Metro and surrounds) - used by Police not yet on Encrypted bands
  • Endeavour Energy (formerly Integral Energy)
  • NSW Fire & Rescue Services
  • State Emergency Services AKA SES
  • Rural Fire Service AKA RFS
  • Ambulance Service NSW
  • Security Companies which have given permission to be re-broadcast
  • Sydney Trains Network - Trains and Train Stations across the greater Sydney Area
  • Sheriff - Mostly ENC status
  • Department of Corrections - Mostly ENC status
  • Roads & Maritime Services such as the RMS (RTA)
  • Sydney Ports Corporation
  • Australian Broadcasting Corporation
  • Sydney Waterways such as Ferries
  • GRN Short Term Lease Units
  • ESO - Emergency Liaison Channels - Used for terrorism, disasters, etc
  • GL - Government Liaison Channels - Used for terrorism, disasters, etc
  • Sydney Water Police - Mostly ENC status as of late
  • Sydney Parks & Wildlife Services
  • There are many more - too many to list here. I quarterly release the full list to premium subscribers

  • The YouTube Stream which broadcasts live in 12 hour blocks, offers better quality, no ads and better reception than using the older stream.

    Having trouble connecting?

    First, please make sure that the stream is currently online. You can always check that by pressing "Service Status" at the top of this page (May not be updated at all times). If it still doesnt work, please visit your client area and submit a support request. I will respond to you shortly. You will need to be a member to submit a support request.

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