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Scanner Australia Broadcasting
Live Display

How does it work?

Navigate to nswgrn.sydney and you will see the digital scanner display showing:
1) Name of the System
2) Channel Name
3) Frequency
4) Reception strength

Connect to audio by pressing the link at the top of the page. The audio will play in synch of the display.

Closeup of UBCD396T display which shows on Opacity.

Can I control the scanner?

While it is possible to remotely control the scanner, this function is password protected and is only used by Administrators to fix issues or lock onto a channel in emergency situations.

What browser/OS do I need to make it work?

The display has been tested with all major browsers and Windows/Mac.

Can I connect using a mobile?

Yes you can.

The link is dead and I cannot access the webpage. What is wrong?

Please try again later, maintenance, severe weather, power failures or other situations may be causing the stream to go offline.

The webpage is displaying but I cannot connect to the audio. Why?

At the time of writing, the current capacity is 100 users - this is likely to increase in the future but at the moment it is more than enough for normal situations. That being said, at certain times of major events (good or bad), the popularity sky rockets - if that is the case, I urge you to use the standard stream (without the display).

My question isnt answered/I still have problems

Either post on the forums or submit a support ticket. Turn around for the tickets is 48 hours. For URGENT contact, email me direct at admin@scanneraustralia.com

File Server

Part of the web server, there is a file server function. In this, I occasionally make database files, audio clips or applications available that I deem useful. All files are safe and virus free but you do use those files at your own risk!
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