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Live Scanner Display URL change

The original domain grn.audio becane to expensive to maintain (ie renew). I am now using nswgrn.sydney - which is a better domain name in my opinion as majority of traffic originates within the Sydney area. I also did away with the port number. It used to be 5000 now we are on port 80. Just enter the above URL and it will take you to the new Live Scanner Display page.

Dead links and broken images

Since the site migration to a new server I have noticed many dead links, 404s and broken images. I am slowly repairing those. If you come across any such issues just leave a post on the forums and I will look into it.

Live Scanner Display outage - now cleared

Thanks to one of our members who reported this outage, I can happily report that everything is now working again. You may connect to the live scanner display through this link

Admin email address brought in line with the domain name

From now on, if you need to email me, please append a .au to all email addresses related to Scanner Australia. You can either open a support ticket or email me through "Contact us" at the bottom of every page.

Proscan Database File new Version 3.0 Released - 7/12/2016

I have re-released this years` updated database file. You may head over to the download area through the top menu and download it. You need to be logged in to get your hands on it.

If you need help, just open a support ticket.

New Software Release

Releasing the new software called NSW/ACT Broadcast Helper 1.0 will make it much easier from now on to listen from any Windows machine with speakers and an internet connection.

It is very simple:

1. Run the installer - the software will not alter or change any system files or registry.

2. The software is set to auto connect, which will mean you can start listening right away.

3. If there are any issues, there are options on the main screen to file a ticket support request, you can visit Scanner Australia for checking out all other interesting things that we have hosted. You can also become a member directly through the main menu.

4. Filing the support ticket will go directly to me it can serve as application feedback, low volume on the broadcast.

5. Before of course, go to this page

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