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  1. Hi again, I thought I`d write a quick blog entry on the upcoming project that is in the works. As you all probably know, this website, the stream and all other services that are provided here are available for free. We do offer subscriptions to help fund the cost of hosting, licensing and all associated costs. Its not cheap at all! As a gesture of appreciation to those that have donated $5, I am currently implementing a secondary stream that will play content from NSW Police Liaison Channels and Sydney Airport Operations. I hate having to lock out non-paying users however nothing in this world is free - even if it appears to be, someone is still paying for it. This is where Proscan OR Zello comes in. The software (one costs money for me the other dont) allows authentication for users. I included the screenshots below: Proscan - Remote Scanner over IP Zello - Push to Talk Over the 10 years I have been running this community service, I have received a lot of help from my team working in the background but the financial cost has only been carried by me and the Lifetime Subscribers. My yearly expenditure is about $500 dollars - this is for Licensing (IPB, hosting, etc) and electricity. This is excluding required hardware repairs when necessary. This is good news for subscribers as they finally get something tangible in return for their generosity! As usual, I invite open discussion about future feature implementation. Comment below. NOTE: Before you rush off to buy a subscription, please do not do so only based on this service. At this point it is a proposal and has not been tested yet. Plans can always change. I will post another blog entry on the progress on this project.
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