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  1. These exact laws came into force in Queensland July last year, except the rules are a little different such as we only do 100 hours instead of the 120 hours and also have to fill out a logbook and submit the logbook once the 100 hours are completed. Also the rules state that if any one 25 or older, I'll be 25 this year (yes, I'm still on my L's; very long story) it's not compulsory to complete the 100 hours and fill out the logbook, all we need to produce is previous driving records such as driving receipts from driving schools. But after what I've been reading most of the laws are exactly
  2. This is one of the most attractive layouts I've seen for a website, well done!
  3. Hi Kyle, welcome to the Scanner Australia forums mate, it's good to see that the website has provided you with some useful information. I don't have this scanner, but have you tried the Uniden Australia's website?
  4. I know around my area the QLD Police are always doing highway operations at the town's truck pad near our showgrounds every few months which involves around the clock roadside checks including truckie's logbooks, drug searches and RBT. plus they are always doing radar out the front of my house!
  5. Then that can spell the end of freedom of speech and I would say, a strict guideline procedure for new and existing forum managers to adhere by.
  6. I never read every page to see what the problem was, but in my view, everyone has the right to say what they are thinking, so, yes I agree with you Fungus in saying that this is a blatant excuse to stop the freedom of speech and I assume the same applies within this forum as well that members post what they are thinking in relation to topics posted (without going over the top by posting something offensive).
  7. This is becoming a real problem for the company, and it's all thanks to the privatisation of the company. I was talking to my father about this issue recently as he worked for Telstra for 29 years, and he said when he worked "in the field" he never experienced this kind of situation, and as I grew up in the industry, I can back this up as before privatisation the company was in way better shape than it is now (some members may disagree with this claim).
  8. I have to agree with all of you there as far as Telstra is concerned, as I worked there for three months and they got rid of me! While I was working there, I've had a lot of customers coming into the Telstra Shop enquiring about VOIP services, to my complete shock no one there including the manager knew what VOIP was, and therefore didn't stock any products! Now I'm trying to get a job with one of their competitors.
  9. VOIP is Voice over Internet Protocol. if I remember correcctly, VOIP is a service that let's you make phone calls over the internet (some companies claim free phone calls, but I don't know).
  10. Ajs, I was wondering, with your permission, if I can pass this on to my work mates?
  11. That was very well written ajs!!! I know a few people who would be eligible to join and already possess the S.H.I.T training!
  12. I, like so many other members, cam across this website via Google. I was particulaly interested in finding scanning forums for QLD (which I have found and I'm a member with), and came acroos this site, even though it's mainly based around NSW/ Vic area, I still find this site very informative.
  13. Count me in!! I've been after these for a while now. All I need is to find the QAS codes an I'll be laughing :lol:
  14. 92xlt

    Hi becs,
    have you tried the Uniden wesite at all as they have a frequency register on there which can be located in the Scanner section?

  15. I can tell you that it is vodafone's responsibility to replace the phone equal to or similar in value. I know with Telstra, that if you need your phone to be sent away to be repaired, they issue you with a replacement phone (probably not a good quality phone to the one that you sent away, but a decent phone so you don't miss any phone calls), and when the phone returns, they usually contact you or set a date to go back to the Telstra shop to check the progress.
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