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  1. A Railways Security Guard, thats pretty sweet. Whats it like?
  2. I've always wanted to know but never asked. Im a student, training to become a landscaper. What sort of work does everyone else do? Is there any doctors, security guards, butchers? Dont say where u work for privacy reasons but i'd love to know what people do.
  3. Really impressed by the design, looks great. 10 stars!
  4. Thanks Richad for the feedback, will remove them right now haha
  5. New website www.scanningvictoria.webs.com let me know what you think.
  6. Haha poor beckham. But wow, now we all know that magazines use photoshop. (sarcasm) :)
  7. Speaking of iphone apps, i recently purchased "10 - Radio"". Its a police scanner app with frequencies from all around the world built in. I have heard shootings, robberys, attempted kidnappings. So if you have a spare few bucks, its a good little app to have.
  8. i was wondering if any here had a nokia n-gage they dont use cheers
  9. do you have a picture of it , and wat bands does it pick up
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