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  1. flippy

    Website Upgrade Works

    like the new look there richad
  2. flippy

    Hello From Geelong

    Hi Andrew, Welcome to the forums. if you need any help with frequencies or anything else please do not hesitate to ask the 396T is a great scanner when you get the hang of it. i found it difficult to go from a BCT9 to a 996T as i found there are so many things you have to do to program them. after which it is a breeze. like i said if you need a hand with anything please do not hesitate to ask just a note for you aswell the 396D is capable of listening to the MMR which is currently being used by the MFB and Ambulance Victoria (Metro) if you want to listen to these services im sure we can find some data for you to put into your scanner Regard Phil
  3. flippy

    Hi All

    flakes, welcome to the community, in ACT and the area of NSW around it you have the NSWGRN which is a P25 Trunking System which unfortunately neither of these scanners will handle. for your area alot of users are using the NSWGRN/ACTRN which is one in the same so i would suggest finding a digital capable scanner
  4. flippy

    I Am Back After Absence

    that is because the NSWGRN extends out to Peak Hill from what im looking at Control Channels - P25 417.48750 - Peak Hill 417.28750 - Sappa Bulga Mountain 417.30000 - Mt Coonambro 416.37500 - Buninyong Hill the following users are on the NSWGRN NSWAS FRNSW NSWRFS NSWSES so if you don't have a digital scanner i dont think your gonna be able to listen to them im afraid
  5. flippy

    Frida Night Chat!

    nah i went out for once had the night off which is very rare for me
  6. flippy


    depends where abouts you are in australia if you take it for travel around Metro areas and what services you intend to listen to
  7. flippy

    Grn Stream Now Member-Only

    Likewise i will notify richad of this issue and see what happens
  8. flippy

    Hello From Sydney

    for your area the NSW Police will be digitally encrypted many of the other services will be on the NSW GRN which i am not to sure if it is still mostly analogue if you are after a digital scanner you will need to hit ebay or type in 996t or 396t these are the australian models of Uniden scanners these are your best bet however i am sure someone will come on here soon and advise you
  9. flippy

    Hi To You All

    welcome to the site hope you enjoy it as much as i do
  10. flippy

    Gallery Now Online

    Hooray a photo gallery
  11. flippy


    i am a Railway's Security Guard in brisbane
  12. flippy

    Google Wave Invitation

    hell i wouldn't mind it i think it is worth a looksie pitty no one has sent any invites around
  13. flippy


    my lord this is old.
  14. flippy


    Hi Steve, Welcome to the forums hope to see you around and enjoy your stay at Hotel SA
  15. flippy


    welcome to the forums mate has severed me since day one that i have been here, enjoy your stay and ask any questions i am sure someone will be able to help