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    Hello From Geelong

    Hi all, just found this site and joined today! A little bit about me - married, in own retail business, interested in all radio mostly marine VHF, HF, APRS- AIS and a bit of Aircraft radio on the side. Have a couple of scanners both Uniden I love one thats the UBC900XL that I have had for years & years and my new BCD396T which I am trying to love... but its hard work!! I took it to the Melbourne airshow at Avlon (close to home) this year and managed to have a great day listening to the towers & aircraft. I am into computers, not a programer (whish I was but not enough time) but have a good understanding of better than basic, would love to combine scanning and computers. ( Have just discovered ProScanner recently) I use programes such as UI-View, AGWTracker, ProScanner, Shipplotter, Weather Display and a few others.. but I am not an amature radio operator Enough about me Hi to all Cheers, Andrew