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    GME RX1300,Uniden UBC248CLT,Discone Antenna. Other Hardware : Yaesu FT-707, FM 900, FM320, Uniden Grant.

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  1. monitoring flood activity here, local council,law and cfa very busy.

  2. G'day Flint and welcome, i cant help you with your particular scanner but i'm sure one or two of the other members may when they have time. My scanners (like their owner) are relatively simple. Most of the essential services where i am are still transmitting on analogue so there's plenty to listen to. Happy scanning.
  3. Hi and welcome, I remember the good old, bad old days of 27mhz in the late 70's/early 80's, growing up in melbourne (springvale/dandenong). Excellent skip conditions back then too, and i still use my Uniden Grant when conditions are good. Good luck with your licence. Phil.
  4. Listened to V8 supercar pit crews from winton on 450-480Mhz all weekend! Great scanning action!

  5. Earlier i posted a comment re. the Radio and Electronics School closing down. That info is NOT true, and was somehow circulated by email to RES members. One can only summize that this is politics at play.

  6. UPDATE: Problem solved. It's amazing what a quick once over with the multi-metre and some contact cleaner can achieve!
  7. After years of faithful service, and 18 months of non use, my fm 900 has gone "deaf" (at static level) and wont hit the local repeaters. As scanner users are usually also radio operators, does anyone have any ideas or relevant information please?
  8. Glad to be back home after 18 mths in Mildura :)

  9. Heckler

    Hi And Thanks!

    Hello from Mildura! Plenty for the scanner enthusiast here and im glad i found this site. Thanks to Richad for a helping hand, much appreciated! Happy scanning everyone.
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