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  1. Anyone seen these radios? They'e awesome for the money. It receives/transmits on 2m/7cm, and lots of stuff inbetween. google Wouxun KG-UVD1P and research yourself or ask here and i'll rave some crap about how cool they are. For some wierd reason i can't get my computer to see it though, which is a minor problem, just means i can't get all geeky with it, but i mainly use it for 2m/70cm and uhf477 (can set it up for the new 80 uhf freqs, and uhf468 qld police. PS. you need a licence to transmit on 2m/70cm
  2. Here's some pics of mine...
  3. Anyone here have a weather station? I think it kind of goes hand in hand with the whole scanning/monitoring thing? :rolleyes: I just got a WH3081, probably a pretty cheap one but seems to work well. am mainly after wind speed information.
  4. anyone around? It's Friday night drinks! :P
  5. Works great! Pretty fast on the upload too.
  6. That works, i created an album and uploaded a photo. Gee, lucky i'm here as a test dummy :lol:
  7. Just tried to create an album and got this message: I had a choice of categories, the "members gallery" or the "government radio network" and selected "members" I reckon you wouldn't want me to putmy pics in the governement category.
  8. ta Now i can get on with normal things in life!
  9. Woohoo!! I passed the Foundation Licence test today! From not knowing anything about amateur radio two months ago and doing a licence course each Saturday for six weeks, to a test today! geees talk about stressed! I think i need a drink :rolleyes:
  10. That looks better i think. Makes it easier to sift through the different forums. Now you just have to get rid of all those unused categories, or combine a few together ;)
  11. I received this in an email: ============================ Subject: ANZAC Day Project - stations that will be on air background history This event is an Amateur Radio Salute to our servicemen and servicewomen and veterans by using the radio modes that were used by our servicemen in World War 2, Korea, Malaysia and early Vietnam -AM and CW. \ http://www.navy.gov.au/HMAS_Diamantina_(I) http://hmascastlemaine.com/ http://www.navy.gov.au/HMAS_Whyalla_(I) http://www.ozatwar.com/gree
  12. Cool. Good to see you're still an active Admin! You mentioned a Gallery in another thread, what are your plans for that, any idea when you'd be adding it? I'm not in any rush, just asking. I think it'd really add some interest to the site.
  13. I like this one with the menu on the left there, but i think the forums are a bit harder to navigate in all the boxes? But i'd be happy to use it. Can you trial these for free? How about the one called "Professional Blue", or red?
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