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  1. Where can we listen to the stream while it is still up? Thanks.
  2. Damn, i'd love a free copy :(. Hmm.. how do you get involved in the beta testing?
  3. Ahh MSDN subscription? I've got to get one but i'm not sure how to go about it or if i'm eligible :P.
  4. Interesting. Would be good to hear this stream on New Years ;).
  5. Oooo. Very nice. I've got to get me this "free" copy of Windows Vista ;).
  6. For what though? Which suburb are you looking for.
  7. Haha ;). Post up the proper link and i'll check it out ;).
  8. Nope not here. Just sends me to the main page.
  9. I use: Nod32 Spyware Doctor Adaware Spybot Spyware Blaster ;).
  10. Yes I would like to say a big thanks as well. Keep up the good work. Much appreciated ;).
  11. Where's what? :P. I think you've linked the site incomplete :).
  12. I saw a thread on whirlpool about police scanner and clicked on your link. Here I am ;).
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