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    Does Anybody watch the Force Behind the Line

    My understanding that very few police forces want to be southern endociated with the show .... hence why it is set in WA ... a lot of the incidental shots are staged again for the cameras (rather than the real thing) The NSW Police have repeatedly said no .... they got burned with the ABC in the 1990's at Redfern .... "incorrect" practices being highlighted, rather than the main emphasis of bagging crooks I think a similar line of reasoning applies elsewhere .... had their fingers burnt. ASTRO_BOY


    It can't be done any other way There are certain standards for maintenance. How many km or equipment in situ in a particular location You either maintain or you don't Fluor Daniel used contractors who didn't know what they were doing Remember the tangara that rolled over at Kingsgrove October 2000 East Hills Line again ... contractors .... East Hills line has it's own unique configuration .... only so many ways to do it And I think you will find that the TIDC (Transport Infrastructure Development Corporation) have current projects on that Line ASTRO_BOY I was trying to post the previous one and somehow managed to start a new one


    They use to do small possessions here and there as required on several lines during each weekend. People complained about getting off and on buses on two or three occasions So they changed to it one big possession. Really depends what needs replacing/maintaining .... it's worked out up to 5 years ie proper southern endet management programme. Some of the possessions are to unravel some of the old bottlenecks ..... that programme has several years to run Out your way the resulting possessions are a consequence of the particular line configuration you have It is very complex ... electrical switching in a particular section often determines where the ends of the possessions are People **&$^#% whatever you do. Some of the complaints are just pathethic (and hilarious) So you can either call the glsouthern end half full or half empty Get in the car and drive to the station that has a train service or just complain to the infoline on 131500. If you have a look at the other capital cities, you will find they have a mickey mouse operation compared to sydney .... we have 300 stations .... 1700km electricified line ... 2900 services a day. If you don't maintain it .... accidents will eventually happen As for lateness, stop a lot of the vandalism and trespsouthern ending by the trailer trash on the network, and you will reduce the lateness by half ASTRO_BOY ;D ;D ;D ;D

    Scanner Australia Chat Room Added

    Flashchat seems pretty good. I just gave it a workout for a hour or so. I will be back on later Sunday evening (after some sleep) and see who is around in the chatroom ASTRO_BOY