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  1. saberfangs

    Should i have called police?????

    He doesn't lose his temper very often, i cannot remember the last time he did but when he does he can be over the top with just yelling and very loud at that!! But this is the first time he reacted like this when i kept pressing him to go to school.
  2. saberfangs

    Should i have called police?????

    It was a really scary exp for me let me tell you! He has just recently apologised and has taken the dog for a walk which is something he doesn't usually do. He used to be ADHD but has been retested and no longer has it. I will have to get him to talk about school but every time i try he doesn't seem particulary interested in doing so. I will speak with the school and see how he is going!
  3. This morning at 8:22am after numerous attempts to get my son ready for school, my son (14 yrs old and 6 ft) reacted enraged by grabbing a kitchen knife and yelling, "I am going to kill you" then started to run at me while i am at the computer. I know people can survive knife attacks which is why i stayed where i was, next to my phone so as to call ambulance. He then hovered over me with it yelling if i wanted to be stabbed to which i replied NO several times as he kept asking it. I really thought i was actually going to be stabbed to death by my own son!!!! OMG. He has never reacted like this before. I chose not to inform police because he didn't inflict any wounds on me but he has hit me before!
  4. saberfangs


    I have to agree with you, but also justice is also determined by whether or not the barrister is a friend of the judge or magistrate. This can have an impact on sentencing whether one person gets the worse end of the stick than the other by simply having a barrister that knows the sentencing judge/magistrate!
  5. saberfangs

    Good evening!

    I am a new user to this site and i am busy reading the forums as i am interested. I was told about this site from a friend of mine and so i did a search and found it! I have used my Warcraft username as i didn't what else to use and i play this game at a grand old age of 34! ;)