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  1. delbel


    Hi Richad, just noticed the time on different posts appears out. ie. posts today are after 9 a.m.already, and viewing the board index says ist nearly 11 p.m. Is it just me? Regards delbel posted at 8.15 a.m. 19/7
  2. Today, I checked my credit card transactions only to find two fraudulent transactions, one for $1,500 and another the next day for $5,000. I contacted the bank and my card has been cancelled and paperwork is coming for me to fill in. Has anyone else had this experience and how did it work out. Do you know if I have to contact the police or do I just let the bank handle it all. Thankyou delbel
  3. delbel


    Hi Richad, how are you? I never really left, just got very lazy and sat back reading without participating. Sorry! Anyway tell me again what is a Moderator and I will let you know. I really like the look of the site, well done. Delbel
  4. Welcome to the forum, I haven't been here for a while, but keep coming back. The gatecrashing of the party was terrible. Is there a lot of talk about it in Melbourne? Delbel
  5. Hi again everyone, just wanted to give you an update re Vodaphone. Once you have contacted the TIO, you get to speak to a person at Vodaphone very easily. After a period of promises, which in this case was 10 days, I am now released from the 2 year Contract. Will let you know what happens with the phone, it is still away being repaired. Hopefully now NOKIA becomes responsible for their item not being up to standard. regards Delbel
  6. Hello everyone, it's been a while since Ive been here. Anyway this is what you can expect from Vodaphone. Part 1 - To Department of Fair Trading after dealing with Vodaphone and Nokia Thank you for your Complaint Registration. Your form has been processed by the Department on 20/03/2007 and your Reference Number is . Please use this Reference Number when dealing with the Department. Business/Trader identified: Vodafone Australia / Nokia Australia Details of Complaint: I recently (approximately 2 weeks ago) sent my Nokia N73 mobile phone away for its second time at repair. I have had t
  7. Richad did you just take the site down for a bit. I have just installed IE7 and signed in here after reading one post and then hittng the back button the site was dead. Just wondering if it was you or IE7.
  8. I only found out when I asked at the bar what had happened to him.
  9. I just went to the local pub for dinner. While there a bloke near me passed out 3 times within about 10 minutes. The pub called an ambulance, but the bloke refused to wait and got in his car and drove off. He didn't appear drunk, but i would have thought security would have got his rego and called the police. Hope he doesn't kill someone on the way home.
  10. Richad, just wondering is it possible for you to add Today's Active Topics to the dropdown list shown at the bottom of the page with the GO button thankyou
  11. I hope everyone has had a fantastic day today. I think I am the most blessed person. Today I spent the day with my children and extended families, lots and lots of kids ( some little and some big) Good food, good company, lots of love and lots of laughs. Merry Xmas to you all. Cheers Delbel
  12. Merry Xmas Eve to all the members. Only one more sleep and Santa will be here. I hope everyone has a safe and very happy Xmas. To Richad, thank you for giving me and all the members many many hours of entertainment. I hope you have a restfull Xmas and Santa is good to you. Cheers Delbel
  13. delbel


    Welcome from me also Gerrard. What level of interest do you have in scanning? Delbel
  14. Last Xmas Eve I was listening when a poor woman in Claymore phoned 000 to report two men jumping on the trampoline in her back yard. While on the phone she reported they were now loading the trampoline onto a ute parked behind her back fence. I guess even thieves like to try before they steel.
  15. Yes Richad the site does look great, I have just been reading through quickly. I am giving you an 8 but will upgrade the score when you have had time to do some more. The site is easy to read and tells you what is on offer. Delbel
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