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    Hi All

    Welcome Brant :)
  2. bnolan02

    Rate The Website Performance

    Loads very quickly for me to, within 3 seconds. Just curious, what is the nswpolice.net site going to be? Oh, and some constructive criticism, under 'Main Features', in the first line, it says "connect to my life police feed" Site looks cool though......
  3. bnolan02

    Just wondering how you found this website?

    Similar story: My mate has a scanner, I wanted one, so I thought i'll look them up on the internet. Googled the idea, got stuck here, this site had everything I needed!!!! :D
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    Hi everyone, my name is Benno. I've been listening to the online digital scanner stream for a while now, and I think you guys do a fantastic job keeping this site running. I thought I would finally make an introduction in the forums, and hope to join in with you all in your discussions, so that one day I may reach the almighty 'MVP' status!!!