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  1. obie

    Im Back!

    hi, im back.just been gone for a couple of months.good to be back.
  2. obie

    Hi All

    hi brant, welcome to the forums and hope you enjoy your stay here. regards, obie
  3. oh thats very sad.very sad.im going to miss it. :( :(
  4. nah im right.i got a list yesterday from a friend.thanks anyway. regards. :D
  5. i seen some frequencies in the v.k.c coloum,the one that has got all the frequencies on it.its got heaps.some say where they are for and some dont.i got a few from there and i just trying to work out whats what.thanks for your help. i hope you didnt take any offensive to what i said.i was just playing around.hope everythings cool. regards, :D
  6. hi to everyone.if anybody has got some melton frequencies,would you let me know.if have been trying for about two weeks and i cant find nothing.i know thereare some frequencies in the vic disscusions but i dont know which ones are the melton frequencies.if anybody knows will ou let me know.that would be helpful. kind regards, obie. :D
  7. obie


    hi and welcome.hope you enjoy your time here. regards. :D
  8. thats great richard.heaps better to use.well done. regards :D
  9. i like it.that heaps better richard.good job regards. :D
  10. obie

    Hi Everyone

    hope you enjoy the site regards
  11. obie

    Hey Hey!

    hah,hah.thats great.funny as. :D :D :D :D
  12. thats good richard.thanks alot. regards, obie :D
  13. obie

    Hey Hey!

    hi camlew2.hope you enjoy the site.its heaps of fun and i hope you enjoy your stay here. obie :D
  14. a friend told me aout the site.i just looked it up and bobs your uncle. :D
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