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    Uptime vs Listeners Statistics

    Haven't logged on for a number of years. Looking very nice Richad. Like what you have done with the change over period. Congrats good work!
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    Hello All

    Welcome Mate to SA
  3. tonytx3

    G'day Guys

    really, I wasnt not aware that uniden where getting out of the market
  4. tonytx3


    welcome mate enhoy!
  5. hehe must be both shift workers!

  6. tonytx3

    G'Day From Mid North Coast

    hi, enjoy, tony
  7. tonytx3

    AREA 51

    What do you know about area 51????. Did youy think there are aliens there???
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    Sign Up

    Why do you sign up for Scanner Australia???
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    G'day From North West Nsw

    Hey Jamie, Welcome to SA tony
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    "stuck My Head In And Decided To Stay"

    have u looked into the 396t
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    Hello From Latvia Europe

    Welcome mate:)
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    "stuck My Head In And Decided To Stay"

    Mate, Welcome More info is needed what do u want to scan... A bunker???? what type? Where are you located what frequencies do you want to listen to
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    Hey All

    Welcome to SA, Hope you enjoy it Good to see your making use of the forums :)
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    G'day All

    Hey mate, Welcome
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    New Website

    Looks great mate!! BIg improvement
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    Hi All

    Hi, Welcome to the forums ANy questions just ask?
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    Hi From Mid Western Nsw

    Hey Mate, Welcome to the Forums, Any questions Just ASk Tony
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    welcome mate. Msouthern endive post count
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    Hey Mate, Welcome to teh forums TOny
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    Just wondering how you found this website?

    Cheers, THanks mate
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    HEy ALL Welcome anthony
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    Who went through the UWS B. of Policing?/ What did you think of it??
  23. tonytx3

    Nsw Police

    Do you think NSW police has a visiable presence? Do you think NSW is under/over police? Have u had any bad experiences with NSW Police? Have u had any good experiences with NSW Police? This thread allows to dicussion the effective/ineffective role of the NSW police
  24. tonytx3

    Nsw Police

    HAAAHAHHHHAHAH very true he did say that. But his an upfront guy I have every respect for him cause he doesnt bullcrap you. Hows is Goulburn??? Enjoying the FOOD? LOL Tony