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  1. Sorry to hear about the damages to your cars, guys... I hope they fix it up (either car, or the payout) ASAP.
    I hate waiting for insurance stuff!
    Writing off the '73 Falcon would be a tragedy :( (XA or XB? What colour? :wub: )

    Just a quick question - what sort of claim do the insurance companies class Hail Damage as?
    I'm guessing you'd be up for the excess, but what about those policies that have a "driver age" type excess?
    Cheers, B)

    Well Kez it's an XA - original ford orange - just had a new 9 inch diff and gearbox and white interior - if anyone has $3000 ONO give me a yell. As for the driver excess, all of those unfortunates will have to pay up - i'm looking at 500 on each car and am over 35.
  2. Hey all,

    I have had hail damage today on my car (on all the pannels). I have now been on hold for 4hrs waiting for to lodge a claim with NRMA. Another 4 hrs today still no answer.... Went into an NRMA office waited another hour and finally got to launch my claim!

    has anybody else had hail damage?


    Certainly did Tony - I only got through to the NRMA yesterday! I had 2 cars basically destroyed and one is a 1973 351 Falcon, which the NRMA will more than likely write off along with my 97 EL. I can't get assesed until the 31st December due to the backlog. After calling O'briens for new windscreens i was told there was a two day wait as they had in excess of 500 cars to do! I have to invest in a carport now. The previous week a large eucalypt was hit out front of my house by lightning bringing the tree down on my new mailbox - gotta love the weather! :angry:
  3. Hey Adam,

    the UBCD996T is a very good unit. FYI police are starting to go digital around the campbell town area. However, there is a vast array of ohter agencies you can scan for.



    Thanks for the welcome mate, looking forward to the learning curb when it comes to scanning..
  4. Hi guys,

    My name is Adam (but the name was taken already) Anyways just thought i would say hi - i have just purchased a UBCD996T and am enjoying it immensly. I have absolutly no idea what i am doing in terms of using the unit, basically I switch it on and listen! i have read the book/manual repeatedly but am unfamiliar with the terms. It's like learning a new language. I was a little apprehensive in grabbing one with the encryption issue on the horizon, but don't limit myself to the police. Anyway fellow members i look forward to hopefully gaining some insight and direction in this hobby. Cheers!

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