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  1. Worked for the Digital 7, but not for the RTA Cameras it seems.

  2. Richad, I can't seem to download anything from the download section. Is it because I need to become a subscriber first?

  3. Fungus

    Getting Started

    Hi mate, Welcome to the forum. In regards to your question, you might be better served posting it in the General Scanner Discussions forum.
  4. Fungus

    Hi From Melbourne

    Hi mate, welcome to the forum. Have a look around the forum and fee free to ask any questions. :)
  5. Fungus

    ****beta 1 - Emergency Services Recordings

    What would helping out involve, Richad?
  6. Fungus

    Hey All

    Hey mate, Welcome to SA! Bit quiet at the moment, but hopefully things change.
  7. Fungus

    Major New Feature: Live Stream!

    Definitely looking forward to it.
  8. Fungus

    Scanner Australia Interruption

    Haha, you guys... :P Like the first page thing. Pretty different.
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    Hey, welcome to Scanner Australia. Have a look around. :)
  10. Fungus

    Armidale NSW ...Hello All

    Hey welcome. Read through the stuff and if you have a question, feel free to ask.
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    LOL. As I said in the admin forum, I quite like this. Maybe the white on the side needs to be fixed?
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    Umm, alright I guess. Been busy. You?
  13. Fungus


    That someone else is here. :)