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  1. camlew2

    Just wondering how you found this website?

    I found this website from my friend....Google :)
  2. camlew2

    Im Not New... But Im Back!

    HaHaHaHa Im back aswell, Yer i have school aswell, Started back wednesday and yr,
  3. camlew2

    I Need My Pager Programmed

    I left u behind
  4. camlew2

    I Need My Pager Programmed

    Hey, just wondering if u know any1 who programs pagers as i need mine done??? Thank
  5. camlew2

    644 Thank You's

    Yer thanks every1! owe u guys 1
  6. camlew2

    Melton Frequencies

    Do u still need freq's if u do give me a call
  7. camlew2

    Melton Frequencies

    Lmao!!! :P Everything is cool Obie! Don't worry about it
  8. camlew2

    Melton Frequencies

    Yer i am happy to help! Give me a call on 0431073878
  9. camlew2

    Rate The Website Performance

    Ok, That means ill never get the download:(
  10. camlew2

    Rate The Website Performance

    Hey Richad, Page works well but wont let me download,when i click on download it just goes back the the forums :( Thanks
  11. camlew2

    Hey Hey!

    Post removed by Moderator. Reason: Offtopic
  12. camlew2

    Hey Hey!

    :lol: Srry Guys
  13. camlew2

    Hey Hey!

    :( BUSTED
  14. camlew2

    Hey Hey!

    Thanks Guys :P
  15. camlew2

    Hey Hey!

    Hey, Well hi my name is Cameron, I am fairly new to this scanning forum and thought i would say hello to every1 on scanner australia. Also would like to say that this is a great site 4 all my scanning needs. Well done guys. keep up the great work