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  1. Im with Telstra on my home phone now after being with Optus and they have lived up to their name as a good phone company cause yesterday i rung up and told them my internet service provider Dodo was having problems reconnecting my ADSL connection cause of a line block After looking up my phone number they said that the bigpond codes put on my line were blocking dodo's ADSL codes from being entered on asking if the codes could be removed the customer service rep said no problems they will be removed at 8am today (07-09-2007) after a follow up call i was informed the codes were removed as promised and now all i gotta do is wait for my dodo broadband to be re-established next friday :) I know what it is like to be with Vodafone cause i was with them on my pre-paid phone before switching to a contract one and it was hard for me to get premium content like ringtones and such on my phone
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    Hiya everyone :) Robert from Kalangadoo South Australia I have been a scanner listener since primary school and at present i am the South East Coordinator for Australia Citizen Radio Monitors South Australia Inc Below is a list of the radio equipment i own 7x UHF CB handhelds 4x Uniden Scanners (2 handheld and 2 Base) 2x UHF Base radios 1x 27 MHz handheld 1X 27 MHz Base radio
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