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  1. Where is everyone

    Good question flash.... There is an echo in here its so empty. I am about to make some major site upgrades. This includes new software but also new content. Heres hoping that this will revive Scanner Australia. Would be a shame for it to disappear. Ive invested countless hours on this site - all the way back to 2006. I cant believe that we are now 12 years old!
  2. Version 3.0.0

    1 download

    Simply download this text file and import it into your Proscan application. This will give you an exact copy of my current set up. Please note you will need an external antenna to receive most of the content of the database. This is a free download to members of Scanner Australia. What's New in Version 3.0 New version of the NSW GRN Database file. During broadcasting, errors are constantly picked up and reported. The new file reflects these changes.
  3. Upgrading Scanner Australia website to comply with the latest php and html standards.

  4. Version 2.1


    This application connects you directly to the NSW/ACT Government Radio Network broadcast. Using this software, you are connecting to the secondary broadcast feed with improved sound quality and better up time. The application does not modify registry or system files. To uninstall the software, you can simply delete the folder. You need to agree to the terms and conditions of the application before use. It also: Gives you access to the e-ticket system. Access to the latest news and updates. Allows you to join the community and resources. Is guaranteed spyware, adware and any other ware free (including no ads, call homes etc). Please make sure to always check back on a regular basis as this application is being updated monthly.
  5. Hello

    Mark, can you contact me on admin@scanneraustralia.com? I`d like to find out more about that event. I also have a suggestion. regards, Richad
  6. Gosford/Wyong RFS pager feed.

    What happened to the pager feed? Maybe someone should bring this back.
  7. Well not enough votes received - which I have to admit is very disappointing to say the least. This means that no changes will be made. We missed out on some interesting channels such as NSW Police etc.
  8. Version 2.0.0


    As a Premium subscriber, you get access to the Proscan database file, as with the previous version, download it an open it in Proscan. If you dont have Proscan, just open the file in a text editor. You can then read the database file manually and copy it into the application you are using for your scanner.
  9. All site upgrades/changes have been completed. Your patience was appreciated.
  10. Hello

    Hi Mark, Sorry I didnt make it unfortunately. I hope you get some feedback from other members though. Have a happy new year mate. Richad
  11. Please vote - this will help me get more information on how the stream is used.
  12. Started re-writing the database file for the broadcast server. Lots of new frequencies being added. Listening will become even more informative!

  13. I am interested in getting community feedback on wether I should re-introduce Aviation frequencies on the NSW GRN feed. Please vote - your opinion counts.
  14. Kane, A new version will be released shortly.