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Status Updates posted by Richad

  1. Upgrading Scanner Australia website to comply with the latest php and html standards.

  2. Started re-writing the database file for the broadcast server. Lots of new frequencies being added. Listening will become even more informative!

  3. ADS-B Airplane watch is now online for Sydney

  4. Hi fungus. I fix that for u

  5. Tired

    1. uwishn


      enjoying the stream

    2. Richad


      cool. we better get the listener numbers up otherwise I wont be able to continue it for much longer!

    3. uwishn


      took me awhile to work it out. might be worth while starting a thread on how to set it up.

  6. Hi mate,
    Just to let you know that I reset your profile photo as it was corrupt - you may upload it again if you like.

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