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  1. With the scheduled downtime approaching fast, I am starting testing on the stream server backend. Please expect some downtime while I stream to the new server.
  2. Stream is back online. All hardware has been fixed. Thanks for everyones support.
  3. Stage 1 is now complete with the forum powering the website from this stage onward. All the pages are now accessible from within the forum index - the right hand menu will grow slowly over the next days while I start converting content into the forum database. But please be aware that: *Over that time, users may experience difficulty accessing content *There may be layout issues with the new pages - I will be fixing these last *Some pages will still redirect to the old html based website - I know that this is confusing and I will be removing these links as fast as possible.
  4. I have been silently working on replacing all HTML pages with integrated content that is kept in the forum database with everything else. I have reached a stage now where users will start seeing changes on the front-end. But there are 2 sides to this and I want to give a quick outline what is going to happen. I will slowly start switching off HTML pages that are being replaced with new versions. As a result links in some locations will be dead. The old index page will not receive further updates The frequency HTML pages will not be updated anymore and will also be deleted There will be an extended downtime of Scanner Australia forums/content pages while so issues are worked out and features are finalised. I`ll add some more info soon
  5. Richad

    Gallery Now Online

    Yes next week you will be testing this brand new concept car design by Scanner Australia. We`ll drive you into a brick wall :) If you survive you`ll get a second subscription!
  6. Richad

    Gallery Now Online

    However I have to go through the complex task to set all the permissions. So at this stage there is only 1 album (Digital Scanner Setups) and only Lifetime subscribers are able to create their own private and public albums. Over the coming days I`ll be working on setting everything up as it should be. PS to create your own album, go to My Settings > Gallery
  7. Richad

    Gallery Now Online

    Ok i'll check it out when i get home. Some permission isnt right
  8. Richad

    Passed The Foundation Test!

    Congrats :)
  9. There may be slight interruptions during the testing process - posts and topics will not be affected by this. You feedback on new skins is appreciated.
  10. Richad

    **new Skin Test About To Begin**

    I made some modifications. *Left menu has more items now *All forums are listed again in 1 table (good for small res screens). *Right Sidebar is back - can be removed via the small X in the top right corner. More to come
  11. Richad

    **new Skin Test About To Begin**

    I "think" it should be available this afternoon some time. Just keep an eye out on the left hand menu. Once its active the link will be there.
  12. Richad

    **new Skin Test About To Begin**

    No they have to be bought. This was only $17 so it was ok. I always liked the look of whirlpool - I will be customizing it myself over the coming weeks as well. I will also make 2 more skin sets available people can choose if they dont like this. Re professional blue/red I never really liked these - I had a look at them and they had nothing special about them.
  13. Richad

    **new Skin Test About To Begin**

    It`ll still be a bit. Just need to mod some files first.
  14. Richad

    Newbie From Brisbane

    I am about to invest in member gallery package which allows users to create their own photo albums (either public or private). Also the stream is coming back together with the release of the streaming application. So lots of stuff happening soon.
  15. Richad

    Newbie From Brisbane

    Nice set up! I wish I could grab a Icom IC 7000 - but thats not possible for me at the moment. Those photos will be nice for the upcoming photo gallery here on the forums.
  16. Im about to buy a new skin for these forums and came across this: http://www.skinbox.net/skins/ipb-3-0-skins/professional-skins/surface/110 Looks a bit like whirlpool but I still like the unique look. Feedback? Good/Bad?
  17. Richad

    Free Accounts Disabled

    I dont mind turning registrations off for a year if this is what it comes to - nothing else has worked after all.
  18. Richad

    Free Accounts Disabled

    Due to the extremely bad member-to-post ratio, I have decided to turn off free registrations. Users can still subscribe but wont be able to access the forums for free. Its unfortunate that I have to do this but I somehow dont want to see more members than posts. If you know anyone that would like to join, email me and I`ll manually create a new account.
  19. Richad

    Free Accounts Disabled

    The registration system is broken with these specific settings. So I have reversed the changes until I have time to work things out.
  20. Thanks to the generous donations that have come in over the last 3 weeks, I was able to repair the servers hardware. I am taking the opportunity to update the software packages on that machine. The stream will be back online soon.
  21. Richad

    Say Bye To The Shoutbox

    Because it will disappear very soon. Its been unused and it takes up resources therefore we will remove it.
  22. Richad

    New Skin - What Do You Think?

    Yeah let me know - This design is likely to change since I am still testing others on the non-live site.
  23. Richad

    Donations: Thank You

    I just want to thank those people that have been generous enough to donate to me. Even though I am still some amount away from buying the hardware, I certainly am closer to the goal now. I am glad to see that some people care still! Thanks
  24. Richad

    Sa Streaming Server?

    Yeah not much interest in scanning it seems.
  25. We have had a hardware failure on the main home server that was used to stream the audio. Until we get the donations together to repair the damage (around$120 left) this stream will be off. Thanks