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  1. There may be slight interruptions during the testing process - posts and topics will not be affected by this. You feedback on new skins is appreciated.
  2. **new Skin Test About To Begin**

    I made some modifications. *Left menu has more items now *All forums are listed again in 1 table (good for small res screens). *Right Sidebar is back - can be removed via the small X in the top right corner. More to come
  3. **new Skin Test About To Begin**

    I "think" it should be available this afternoon some time. Just keep an eye out on the left hand menu. Once its active the link will be there.
  4. **new Skin Test About To Begin**

    No they have to be bought. This was only $17 so it was ok. I always liked the look of whirlpool - I will be customizing it myself over the coming weeks as well. I will also make 2 more skin sets available people can choose if they dont like this. Re professional blue/red I never really liked these - I had a look at them and they had nothing special about them.
  5. **new Skin Test About To Begin**

    It`ll still be a bit. Just need to mod some files first.
  6. Newbie From Brisbane

    I am about to invest in member gallery package which allows users to create their own photo albums (either public or private). Also the stream is coming back together with the release of the streaming application. So lots of stuff happening soon.
  7. Newbie From Brisbane

    Nice set up! I wish I could grab a Icom IC 7000 - but thats not possible for me at the moment. Those photos will be nice for the upcoming photo gallery here on the forums.
  8. Im about to buy a new skin for these forums and came across this: http://www.skinbox.net/skins/ipb-3-0-skins/professional-skins/surface/110 Looks a bit like whirlpool but I still like the unique look. Feedback? Good/Bad?
  9. Free Accounts Disabled

    Due to the extremely bad member-to-post ratio, I have decided to turn off free registrations. Users can still subscribe but wont be able to access the forums for free. Its unfortunate that I have to do this but I somehow dont want to see more members than posts. If you know anyone that would like to join, email me and I`ll manually create a new account.
  10. Free Accounts Disabled

    I dont mind turning registrations off for a year if this is what it comes to - nothing else has worked after all.
  11. Free Accounts Disabled

    The registration system is broken with these specific settings. So I have reversed the changes until I have time to work things out.
  12. Thanks to the generous donations that have come in over the last 3 weeks, I was able to repair the servers hardware. I am taking the opportunity to update the software packages on that machine. The stream will be back online soon.
  13. Say Bye To The Shoutbox

    Because it will disappear very soon. Its been unused and it takes up resources therefore we will remove it.
  14. New Skin - What Do You Think?

    Yeah let me know - This design is likely to change since I am still testing others on the non-live site.
  15. Donations: Thank You

    I just want to thank those people that have been generous enough to donate to me. Even though I am still some amount away from buying the hardware, I certainly am closer to the goal now. I am glad to see that some people care still! Thanks
  16. Sa Streaming Server?

    Yeah not much interest in scanning it seems.
  17. We have had a hardware failure on the main home server that was used to stream the audio. Until we get the donations together to repair the damage (around$120 left) this stream will be off. Thanks
  18. Sa Streaming Server?

    Ok even though I feel like I am talking to myself, the stream will now be cancelled until the funds are collected to help with the hardware replacement. Not a big deal for me personally since I can listen to the scanner from my desk ;) Some donations have already come in - thank you - I hope that I get some more together to make the repairs happen.
  19. Sa Streaming Server?

    Hi mate, The stream usually gets 50 hits a day with max 5 - 10 listeners at a time. Is it feasible to keep it running? Maybe, maybe not. Its really up to the wider community whether they want it to continue running or not. Its not going to cost thousands to fix - but just about $150 in parts. This $150 is above the budget I am willing to spend on the website as the running cost is enough to give me a headache already. ps I am sick today so I probably will be even less on - cant be bothered sitting at the computer. EDIT: I should also explain that the running cost is next to nothing (cost of electricity). But a power surge fried the motherboard, power supply and maybe HDD (yet to be confirmed). This is what people can donate for.
  20. Upcoming Forum Changes

    Over the next coming days/weeks there will be some additional changes to the forum and website. I already started trimming down the forum index because I believe that there are too many forums to choose from initially, several forums have already been converted into sub forums. I also started writing up some regulations for a new advertising section where Scanner and Two Way Radio merchants can advertise their products free of charge for the benefit of members. This will be strictly regulated by the administration team. The launch of Beta 3 for Australian Traffic Cameras is also coming up and I am working on some changes to the website for that as well. The GRN stream has been down for a while now since I had not users connect for over 12 hours - so lack of interest has put that on hold. If you want it to come back tell us. Otherwise you wont see it back for a while.
  21. Upcoming Forum Changes

    Problem is that the stream server also serves other purposes as well. Which means that the stream will not be full time unless I get the hardware for a second server. I am about to turn it off again to boot into another operating system to server another purpose.
  22. Scanner Australia History Lesson?

    Transferring the db is very easy in early stages - you are talking a size of 10mb or less. Its a bit different now with db size in excess of 30mb
  23. Scanner Australia History Lesson?

    Ok History Lesson; In 2005 I started a small forum called scannernsw http://web.archive.org/web/20050209042012/www.carriernetworks.com/~scanner/forums/ This was before the domain name scanneraustralia.com. It still exists but has been shut down to the public for about 4 years. In 2006 I purchased the domain name scanneraustralia.com. This was based on .net nuke. More information on the police and frequencies. http://web.archive.org/web/20050708170618/http://scanneraustralia.com/ This does not exist anymore but was more advanced - based on a mambo (now joomla) http://web.archive.org/web/20060613070730/http://scanneraustralia.com/ This website was a content management system and forum combined. Still not many members, only leechers listening to the police stream I had running. In late 2006 I changed to the html only version with forum access - http://web.archive.org/web/20061205031743/http://scanneraustralia.com/ You may notice the police logo etc in the header - this is actually illegal but I didnt know that then ;) and lastly the previous version of the current design you see now: http://web.archive.org/web/20070216031144/http://www.scanneraustralia.com/ Thats the entire history of scanner australia. There are also sub domains which are used for other testing and private projects.
  24. Scanner Australia History Lesson?

    Well its been quiet and.... you guessed it - quiet. It seem to be the nature of people that get attracted to this website (no offense!). It seems participation is for most people like a disease. Avoid it as much as possible. I tried a variety of different tactics to get people involved in this hobby - and forums. For example, the Subscription system - You dont need to pay for it at all, just get involved a bit and you will get it. But that still seems to be too much. I am out of ideas at the moment. As you mentioned before - people just get the info they need and then disappear.
  25. Frida Night Chat!

    haha yeah 5 dollar isnt much but I would rather have a member that cared and made a couple of contributions to the community. That beats money any day. Complaints are good - they improve the website