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  1. NSW Police .net site development

    I am still considering - 2 forums would be overkill (by much) so I was thinking of doing a redirect from forums.nswpolice.net to forums.scanneraustralia.com 2 forums would also mean having twice the work for me to maintain it
  2. http://www.nswpolice.net/ Please let me know if you can access it
  3. Does this site work for anyone?

    Pls continue here: http://forums.scanneraustralia.com/index.p...php?topic=100.0
  4. Email Account Giveaway

    I am giving away some email addresses from this website and nswpolice.net (a bit later) Choose your own @scanneraustralia.com  or @nswpolice.net email address All email is hosted with google so you get about 2gb of storage and all other features of gmail We are only giving 2 accounts for each away for now and this is done at our discretion. Members with posts will be given preference.
  5. Email Account Giveaway

    No worries :)
  6. Email Account Giveaway

    Done (pm on the way) All nswpolice.net taken up. Thanks
  7. Email Account Giveaway

    No anyone at all, but as I said, I wont give it to someone who signed up a minute ago. Do you want one?
  8. Looking for staff

    Thats pretty much right guys - but I also need another moderator - even a news poster would be welcome.
  9. Email Account Giveaway

    I just PMed you philip - all set
  10. I got rid of the 25 post limit - it is too open to abuse and wont do any good over the long run. To get access to downloads and extra forums you need to become member of the MVP (formerly VIP) group. MVP members can only be added manually by me - this will happen on a daily basis if I see useful members. If you donate, you will be added automatically. What you will get access to when you become a MVP Access to the following forums: MVP Discussions An area away from general members only accessed by MVPs and staff MVP Downloads Downloads only MVPs have access to. Software such as Digital Streamer, BOM (Coming Soon), Weather Widget (Coming Soon) and more Modding and Hacking All the stuff that cant be talked about in public Emergency Services Talk Private lounge for discussing national ermergency services - anything can be covered in here What we hear on radio Discussions about what is heard on radio  In the downloads section you will find Digital Streamer - the police radio and frequency program. BOM (Bureau of Meteorology) Application - still in alpha stage The wheater widget - In internal beta stage Online webcam application - Still in alpha stage Once you are MVP, you will not have to pay for any software that is released on this website. UPDATE Some facts about the subscription packages that are now available here - Packages Available Limited MVP This package will provide you with 3 months of unlimited forum and software access. After the completion of the 3 months, you will be required to purchase another subscription package to gain access to updates again. Term: 3 Months Cost: AUS$7.98 Unlimited MVP The Unlimited MVP package for new users that do not wish to participate - this package does not expire. You will get life long membership which entitles you to software updates, unimited forum access and access to future stream additions. Term: Lifetime (Never Expires) Cost: AUD$15.97 Those 2 packages will give you access to the above mentioned forums. If you are planning to donate, please use these packages instead. However, you dont HAVE to pay your way into MVP, I would still rather have you participate on the forums - this is free and I will place you into MVP at the moderators discretion. Lifetime of website I have gotten some questions lately about that term. The lifetime of the website is hopefully for many years to come. But there may be unforseeable circumstances that might force me to stop the live stream at any time. Please be aware of that - specially because the subscriptions are non refundable after you joined. Dont worry we wont run away with the money :lol: All money earned here will go straight back to: My host Into the website for licenses etc ...to other sponsors that have been so generous over the last year.
  11. I have switched the stream off for a little while to make some changes to the scanner and the channels (to cut some noise)
  12. Police Stream Cancellation

    Well I dont want to force donations - It would make me much happier if people decided to participate. But if you want to donate, there is a link of www.scanneraustralia.com . Any donation (no matter how small) will be appreciated.
  13. Just wondering how you found this website?

    haha yeah the black nuke-platinum theme. It put many people off. The general members base in whirlpool lost interest in that topic. Sad but true....
  14. Does this site work for anyone?

    Thanks Fungus, I appreciate your help. I will let you know when I have more information.
  15. Just wondering how you found this website?

    Its a shame about scanaustralia.... I know we have had a lot of dissagreements but its sad to see them go. Hopefully someone will build it up again.
  16. Want to become a MVP?

    If you do, be a particpating member. MVP Consists of more forums and information and full access to software and stream. Forums include: Modding and Hacking All the stuff that cant be talked about in public What we hear on radio Discussions about what is heard on radio Full participation is required for access to those forums
  17. Want to become a MVP?

    I am not picky, if I find a user that is useful and doesnt post crap, I will do the upgrade. If other VIP users see a useful member they can PM me too
  18. Police Stream Cancellation

    Hi Whip, I totally agree with you. Once we have a VIP userbase, I will turn the stream into member-only. If you have donated in the past, please email us (to an email address I will publish shortly)  using the email you donated with.
  19. Does this site work for anyone?

    No it doesnt take much time - and it wont happen anytime soon as I am having a very busy schedule lately
  20. Does this site work for anyone?

    Yeah I am aware of the other site - and there is not going to be any competition between us and them since their site is very comprehensive. nswpolice.net will be more directed at the radio scanning side of things if that makes sense. ScannerAustralia isnt really the place for most info that I have about police.
  21. Does this site work for anyone?

    Thanks for the interest guys I am looking for some people to build a maintenance team: Several News Posters Moderators Maintenance Staff (database upkeep, backup and restore) Cant really say much about the topic of the website but the major theme is obvious.
  22. Police Stream Cancellation

    People that donated will become VIP automatically
  23. Well it now requires a minimum post count of 20. I have had 70 downloads but only a couple of people have returned. This is just not done and the post count limit will ensure that only genuine people will be able to download the software. EDIT: I made no sense - hopefully this is better
  24. I have had some drama with administrators and users over the last 4 hours and I am needing to clean up the mess now. The streams and the main website are offline and will be for a little while longer.
  25. Does this site work for anyone?

    Thanks Content will added bit by bit sooner or later when I have time