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  1. I will be switching hosts soon - my current host is starting to charge too much and I cannot justify this cost anymore since no donations are coming in anymore. I will advice of downtime and other details once available. regards
  2. The API server of radioreference appears to be down. This will not affect the stream itself but may affect the applications, and online users displays on this website.
  3. Upgrades Still In Progress

    Forum updates are well underway, in the meantime you may see some errors while viewing content on this site. The new theme has already been applied and is currently being customised to fit this website. If you have any feedback please leave it here. Thanks
  4. Upgrades Still In Progress

    Thank you, I appreciate your membership and your post :)
  5. Just want to let everyone know that I will be upgrading the local server to a new operating system. Since the scanning database and other info needs to be moved and then re-installed, feeds may be offline for a couple of days. Naturally I will be trying to minimize downtime.
  6. I will continue to monitor the weather situation and once possible start up the server.
  7. Major maintenance is being made on the network, scanners and other network equipment. To allow for proper maintenance, an offline window has been set. Please see the notice below: This stream will be offline from 23/10/12 4am to 25/10/12 7pm EDT time. Maintenance on network, servers and scanners will be carried out during this time.
  8. As the title suggests. I have revived the Police stream. I am broadcasting all analog X-ray Liaison channels of the NSW Police force. This stream covers the greater Sydney area. This stream is relaying the ANALOG channels therefore the sound quality is not as good as digital. You can connect from the forum index for now. Once I find the time, I will add the stream to the top navigation menu. Digital streamer v7 will also be release shortly which will be a free download for all members.
  9. Software currently under development
  10. Having just opened the site after 3 day work, I am sure there are plenty of bugs around. If you find anything that doesnt look right please tell me and I`ll fix it ASAP.
  11. Not much from the NT this is because nobody has submitted anything - FYI all frequencies and features are free to access without any payment so I dont think its cool you accuse me of a con. You can get your $5 back no problem, its always good to run a public service and then get hammered for it. $5 dollars must be worth much more these days.
  12. Servers are currently being upgraded to 64bit Hardware and software. This is done to increase reliability and to make the operating system compatible with current and future projects. Stream will resume once the data has been migrated to the new server.
  13. Stream Services Offline

    I am currently configuring some new network equipment which will require the shutdown of all servers. This should be completed by tomorrow night.
  14. There are some people that purchased an email address but did not complete the set up process. I thought I`d add some clarification on how the process actually works. User buys email address --------> Payment has been completed and approved ----------> User needs to go to the Client Area to open a support ticket in the appropriate department. Users will need to provide the following information: Preferred username in email address I will then manually create the email address and send the temporary password back to them via the client area. If users do not complete these steps, they will not be able to access the email address at all. If you did purchase and are having issues, I am always available via this forum or via the client area.
  15. I have been developing some code server side to allow the viewing of talk group information as the stream is being listened to, for example: If you listen to an ambulance broadcast the iTunes display would show: Sydney West Operations - Ambulance. The meta data is being transmitted at the same time of the stream broadcast so it is fairly accurate. Some things to remember: #Please remember that this is under development and not all talk groups will show data. #Data may be a bit messy at this stage as the talk group IDs are being collected and cleaned up in table format. #A new stream server has been used with this as the old server was too expensive to run - if you bookmarked the stream, please delete the bookmark and re-visit the link on the forum index. The new server is now live (but under testing) #There are now max 20 slots available to listen to this stream which should be more than enough I would really appreciate some good/bad feedback on this as a lot of work has gone into this and if you have any suggestions for improvement, feel free to let me know. Richad
  16. It has come to my attention that some feature in the client area are currently broken. I will be doing some fixes around the website to fix these issues. As part of the fixes, I have to shutdown the website during that time.
  17. Hi Guys, new version is about to be released with the latest cameras and with the resolution issue fixed.
  18. Grn Stream - Outage

    We are currently deploying patches to the stream server. Once complete services will resume.
  19. Introducing the newest addition to this website. Progressively, all GRN tower locations will be added to google maps with the corresponding link to the ACMA website - this will make it very easy for everyone to find the specific tower frequencies and talk group IDs for their area. All NSW towers will be added first following the other states. You can also pin point where you live if you like - but please use only suburbs to display your location.
  20. The frequency database is currently offline due to a php error. I am currently having this looked at.
  21. Website Upgrade Works

    Everything has been upgraded to the latest versions. If you find any bugs or problems please post them in this thread.
  22. I have completed rebuilding the server - the stream is now back online. There was a problem reported with the stream itself which is now rectified. Apologies for everyone that has been trying to connect and got nothing but silence. If you have downloaded the connection link files earlier, please re-download them as the contents have changed. Thank you
  23. The server this stream is hosted on will be out of service for a while as I am rebuilding the operating system from scratch. I will update this outage notification once the service is restored. Thank you
  24. Stream server had to be restarted due to a crash. Back in operation now.