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Scanner Australia Broadcasting
  • Introduction

    From time to time we give away free things to members. Please note the following:

    • You need to be a registered member of Scanner Australia.
    • Supporters can request digital items at any time.
    • We accept no responsibility for any damage or loss incurred as a consequence of using any of the physical or digital gifts. Use at your own risk.
    • One per user only
    • Not all items are available all year and any specials below will either have a time limit or unit limit.

    For all requests, email admin@scanneraustralia.com with the requested details below. Enjoy!

  • Email Giveaway!

    Hi its Richad,

    To celebrate the new year, we are giving away 10 email addresses that are hosted with google apps. We all know the features of their emails so I wont waste time writing about it.

    The email addresses we give away today is:

    • you@scanneraustralia.com

    But because we also have many other domains, I have linked an additional email address you will get automatically:

    • you@grn.audio

    If you are interested, email me at admin@scanneraustralia.com with the following details:

    1. First and Last name
    2. Preferred username (I reserve the right to refuse if the request is inappropriate).

    Once the email address is set up, I will email you the details.

    There will be no time limit on the email address, but please remember that this is hosted through my domain.

    Talk soon!

    ps You need to be a member of Scanner Australia to take advantage of this!


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