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Flint Eastwood

Hello Folks.

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Greetings fellow Scanners.
I am a total Newbie to the scanning community and would like to take a moment to say hi to all.
I live in Newborough and am keen to meet like wise scanners.
I have Gre PSR 600 and it looks complex to set up.I would like any tips and tricks you folk can offer. Do i have to purchase aec 500 or the likes to be able to set up or are there other programs to set up my scanner.
I look forward to replies.

Flint Eastwood. <_< :unsure: :rolleyes: ;) :D

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G'day Flint and welcome,

i cant help you with your particular scanner but i'm sure one or two of the other members may when they have time. My scanners (like their owner) are relatively simple. Most of the essential services where i am are still transmitting on analogue so there's plenty to listen to.

Happy scanning.

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