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Hi all

I am Flakes. I am in the act and i am thinking of buying a scanner. I have used the on-line stream from scanACT and now I am thinking of buying a simple scanner to see what else I can find. My background is as a tech mainly fixing radio/radar and associated items.

I am currently looking at the uniden radios at DSE. I am not sure on what to buy for my first scanner.

UNIDEN UBC355XLT - Seems like it will do most of what I want but nor sure I will need the whole frequency range that this radio offers.

Uniden UBC330CR Desktop Clock Radio Scanner - Seems like a bit of a toy but something I could use when I go away for work.

What do people think?

PS i am also planning on getting my amateur licence in the future as well.

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welcome to the community, in ACT and the area of NSW around it you have the NSWGRN which is a P25 Trunking System which unfortunately neither of these scanners will handle.

for your area alot of users are using the NSWGRN/ACTRN which is one in the same so i would suggest finding a digital capable scanner

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