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Im new and just brought a lifetime membership, why because Im obviously stupid and got sucked in about the nat database.

Their are no links or discussions for the queensland discussions in the forum even though it says 26 topics!

And the national data base is as scarse as hens teeth.

I live near Cairns, I got the local fuzz freqs FREE from google!

Can you tell me what I just paid for? Their is nothing for my area at all, and you have no right saying its a national database. More like a nsw database.

Besides, all the encrypted channels are worthless now.

Has anyone got any frequencies whatsoever from Townville to Cape York???? 450mhz-520mhz

I can confirm 468.4750 and 469.3250 working for the doublebubbles in Cairns Area.

I know its only $5 but I expected somthing in return, not just keeping your site alive!

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Hi mate and welcome,

Sorry that you are this bitterly disappointed. The frequency database is new and relying on users like you to share - why is it scarce? Well because majority of members are lazy and dont want populate it. Same goes for the forums - I can hardly force people to start posting topics.

Also if you bothered to read the forums and website before being "sucked" in, you would have realised that everything is accessible for free. Only 2 downloads can be accessed by subscribers.

Again sorry to see that you are so upset - I refunded your $5 dollars. I dont need them - there are plenty other generous people out there.

Yeah bye

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