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Anzac Day Project

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I received this in an email:
Subject: ANZAC Day Project - stations that will be on air background history

This event is an Amateur Radio Salute to our servicemen and servicewomen and veterans by using the radio modes that were used by our servicemen in World War 2, Korea, Malaysia and early Vietnam -AM and CW. \






We are hoping that ex HMAS VAMPIRE will be on air as well: -


This gives history of the Ships ex HMAS Castlemaine, Diamintina, Whyalla and Vampire and the World War 2 bunker that is the Townsville Amateur Radio Club Room and will be used for transmissions during the event and the Mareeba War Birds which will be using old WW2 radio equipment.

It is terrific that these national heritage items will be in operation once again.


AM (Mhz) 3.590 +/- 20khz, 7.070 +/- 25khz, 14.160 +/- 30 khz

CW (Mhz) 3.530 +/- 20 khz, 7.020 +/-15 Khz, 14.050 +/- 20khz

Operating times 25 April 2010 0200 UTC until late

Thanks to all for your support,

Mike "banjo" Patterson vk4mik ex CPOSR RAN

FISTS Down Under
12c Herbert Gardens
186 The Terrace
Wellington 6011
New Zealand

Tel: 4-473-0847
Fax: 4-473-0848


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