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Genuine Or Grey Import?

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I have been researching a bit about some ICOM radios, like the IC 7000 HF/VHF/UHF, and there seems to be some debate in the supply world about what is what.

It seems all websites that sell ICOMs don't say if they're supplying a grey import or an Australian version product. ICOM Australia say they wont cover and ICOM unit that is not an Australian version and refer to them as Grey Imports.

Some website sellers argue that ICOM Australia is selling the same products as they are.

This is a bit of a concern if you don't know much about what is happening or what products are real or copies.

Has anyone got any info on this issue?

Has anyone bought an ICOM radio as a grey import, and any comments about it?

I would have thought it’d be illegal to sell a copy of a product in Australia, but it seems there’s quite a few businesses doing it.

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Just for interets sake, i've done some more research on the matter...

I was a bit concerned about some sellers selling "fake" Icoms. I talked to one Australian dealer that suggested that units being sold by other dealers weren't genuine Icoms and if i bought one from them i'd be taking a big risk.

This is a quote from the Icom Australia website:

Possible Forged Product – It has been confirmed that fake Icom products are available. Fake Icom products are generally not made in Japan, and as such, the quality is considerably lower.

click here for the full page

After speaking with various other people about this, like people that buy them and know all about it from years of experience, they say that if it looks like an ICOM it's an ICOM. So i get the impression the only reason Australian dealers are against the imports is because they're not making the sale?

Here's a quote from AndrewsCom website:
Is CHN #18 version sold here by Icom Australia an Australian version or a Chinese version??? We're very, very confused as Icom Australia claims they import Australian versions, etc

it's true that ifyou buy an import Icom Australia wont cover it under warranty, and i guess that might be the ony issue.
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