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Scanner Australia History Lesson?

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Scanner Australia History Lesson?

yeah i've read a few of the old threads, but i reckon i'm missing some stuff here,

It goes back to 2006! has it been pretty quiet on the forums since 2006? was there peek times? I'd be interested to see some info about the history of the site, how it started, who started it and why, etc.

Generally forums have busy times and go quiet, then pick up depending on the users and environment etc.

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Well its been quiet and.... you guessed it - quiet.

It seem to be the nature of people that get attracted to this website (no offense!). It seems participation is for most people like a disease. Avoid it as much as possible. I tried a variety of different tactics to get people involved in this hobby - and forums.

For example, the Subscription system - You dont need to pay for it at all, just get involved a bit and you will get it. But that still seems to be too much. I am out of ideas at the moment. As you mentioned before - people just get the info they need and then disappear.

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You sound like you're still keen? and i think that's all that matters?

People will come and go, they mainly join to see what's happening, and then they don't get any feedback and don't return. Which i don't think yu can blame the user for. That's how forum traffic works. People are attracked to busyness. The more new traffic and content , the more people are attracted, the less new content, the less people are attracted, catch 22, but i guess you understand all of that.

and hey... you didn't answer the original questions about the history of the site?

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Ok History Lesson;

In 2005 I started a small forum called scannernsw

This was before the domain name scanneraustralia.com. It still exists but has been shut down to the public for about 4 years.

In 2006 I purchased the domain name scanneraustralia.com. This was based on .net nuke. More information on the police and frequencies.

This does not exist anymore but was more advanced - based on a mambo (now joomla)

This website was a content management system and forum combined. Still not many members, only leechers listening to the police stream I had running.

In late 2006 I changed to the html only version with forum access -

You may notice the police logo etc in the header - this is actually illegal but I didnt know that then ;)

and lastly the previous version of the current design you see now:

Thats the entire history of scanner australia. There are also sub domains which are used for other testing and private projects.

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Cool, thanks. You must be pretty keen to keep it going for so long! Did you have to transfer the forum database over between each script?, that'd be a nightmare!

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