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Hello (also From Blacktown)


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Hi guys,

My name is Adam (but the name was taken already) Anyways just thought i would say hi - i have just purchased a UBCD996T and am enjoying it immensly. I have absolutly no idea what i am doing in terms of using the unit, basically I switch it on and listen! i have read the book/manual repeatedly but am unfamiliar with the terms. It's like learning a new language. I was a little apprehensive in grabbing one with the encryption issue on the horizon, but don't limit myself to the police. Anyway fellow members i look forward to hopefully gaining some insight and direction in this hobby. Cheers!

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Hey Adam,

the UBCD996T is a very good unit. FYI police are starting to go digital around the campbell town area. However, there is a vast array of ohter agencies you can scan for.



Thanks for the welcome mate, looking forward to the learning curb when it comes to scanning.. Edited by Gas
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yes welcome adam i wish i had the chance to buy a Digital scanner small problem where i am the minute they go digital i would give it about two months and it is gone to the Devil ('Enc')

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