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Think Before You Act... Police Warn Students Re Muck-up Day Pranks

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Police are urging Year 12 school students planning “muck-up day pranks” to consider the consequences of their actions.

Acting Deputy Commissioner Bob May said that while pranks were often a feature of end-of-year festivities, students need to make sure it doesn’t get out of hand.

“Pranks leading to community distress, damage or panic will not be tolerated.

“Such activities could also result in police action.

“Pranks can seem like nothing but a bit of fun but they can quickly spiral out of control and this is something students need to think about,” Mr May said.

He said some pranks had gone so far that a crime resulted.

“Unfortunately, police have no choice but to charge the individuals involved in such matters,” he explained.

“This can not only damage the student’s personal reputation but their future career aspirations and this is a high price to pay for a few moments of fun.

“It can also impact on their final exam performance and can cause great distress to family members and all of those involved in the matter.

Finishing school should be a happy time for students.

“Police don’t wish to see the students themselves or any other community members come to harm or suffer unnecessary distress,” he said.

Mr May urged parents of school leavers to take the time to talk to their children about their plans for school muck-up day.

“It’s easy for kids to overlook the potential consequences of their actions. If parents take the time to talk to their kids about muck-up day activities and their expectations, it can make a difference,” he said.

“It’s fine for students to have fun and celebrate the end of their school days but we need them to take a common sense approach and to protect their interests and the interests of other community members.

“Students also need to take great care when driving and to ensure they don’t get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol or allow any of their friends to drive drunk.

“Enjoy the end of your school days but make sure that any activities you participate in won’t be cause for regret later,” Mr May said.

Taken From:www.police.nsw.gov.au/news

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Our school got told that if we do muck up day it could mean police record and our HSC taken off us...but I don't think it'll scare the Year 12's into not doing something...

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yeah back when i finnished they warned us too. Some people mucked up pretty bad (people throwing road signs at cars, jumping on bonnets of cars, criminal damage list is endless) police we called and they got an offical warning.

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