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Drugged Rail Staff Seen Blotto On Youtube

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THE RailCorp drugs scandal has deepened with the emergence of internet videos showing drunk rail workers apparently smoking drugs while in uniform.

The expletive-laden videos posted on YouTube give an obscene insight into the drug culture facing RailCorp.

One video shows three men in fluorescent RailCorp trackwork safety gear midway through a drinking binge.

A second video posted by the same person shows a clearly inebriated man holding up a bottle of whiskey saying: "RailCorp's proud sponsor, Jack Daniels No7 Tennessee Whiskey.

"That's what helps us through these hard times at work, right there," he tells the camera.

RailCorp is investigating into the matter through its Workplace Conduct Unit.

"This investigation is ongoing," was all a spokesman would say last night.

Rail union representatives confirmed that the men were clearly rail workers but suggested they were more likely to be contract workers than directly employed by RailCorp.

The Daily Telegraph yesterday revealed that the use of ecstasy, cannabis and amphetamines has soared among contract rail workers, with one in 13 failing drugs tests this year.

Both videos, plus a string of other tawdry offerings, are posted by "Strali", 27, of Umina on the Cental Coast. He lists his interests as "getting smashed", heavy metal and porn.

One video shot in a motel room is titled "a weekend away at Ashfield for work".

The pair record each other smoking a hash pipe in the bathroom and placing the camera down saying "we got some stoner vision here **&$^#%".

At one point a man holding the pipe turns around and asks "is that the boss (at the door)?"

Earlier he focuses the camera on the whiskey bottle and says: "This is what we do at work".

In another video he claims: "I tell you the best thing I ever did was smoke Ajax, that's for f ... ing legends".

The Rail, Tram and Bus Union last night confirmed that the men in the video were rail infrastructure workers, likely to be contracted workers.

Lead infrastructure organiser Doug Kleinberg said whoever posted the videos was "insane".

"There's a whole heap of these people working on the tracks all over the state for several different companies," he said.

"I can't say 100 per cent but they appear to be casuals, why else would you risk your job?"

He said RailCorp and the Rail Infrastructure Corp were sufficiently hard on drug use to deter the vast majority of RailCorp employees from risking the random test regime.

But more questions emerged yesterday about whether contract workers have been ducking the same strict policy.

A RailCorp infrastructure project manager said he was aware that contract workers used drugs to stay awake during shifts of up to 20 hours a day.

"We have to abide by maximum 10-hour shifts unless there's an emergency but contractors do as many as they feel like because there's no one there to check on them," he said.

"We have plant operators coming in who have just done a 10-hour shift on the city underground and then arrive for another 10-hour shift."

He said some workers who smoke marijuana in their time off had moved on to amphetamines that are cleared from the system much quicker.

Taken From:http://www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,22477722-421,00.html

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