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Communication Technologies (2-way Radios, Digital & Analog Scanners)


  1. Digital Scanners & 2-way Radios

    Use this forum to discuss digital technologies and issues that come with that technology

  2. Analog Scanners & 2-way Radios

    Slowly but surely being phased out but there is still plenty to listen to on the old analog bands. Use this forum to discuss anything related to analog.

  3. Trunking Technologies

    Trunking Systems include Motorola Type 1, Motorola Type II, Motorola Type IIi Hybrid, Privacy Plus, EDACS (Ericsson), MPT1327 Trunking, etc. Those systems can be discussed here.

  4. Australian Analog and Digital Streams

    Found an interesting feed? Post it here so others can benefit from it. Please no adult content though!

  5. General Scanner Discussions

    If you are unsure where to put your post, this is a good place to start. Please use the correct forums for Digital or Analog specific topics.

  6. Newbie Questions & Support

    If you are new to scanning and communications, this is great place to start asking for help.



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