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The modernized version of Digital 7 makes it easy listening to the stream directly from your desktop now.


  • Listen to the broadcast right from your desktop
  • Ability to hide the app in the notification area
  • Quick access to submit a support request should things go wrong
  • Other links to help locations back on Scanner Australia
  • It is free software - virus - ad aware - spyware free
  • It will not collect any sorts of information on you

2 files

  1. Scanner Australia 2016 Toolbox 2.1

    This application connects you directly to the NSW/ACT Government Radio Network broadcast. Using this software, you are connecting to the secondary broadcast feed with improved sound quality and better up time. 
    The application does not modify registry or system files. To uninstall the software, you can simply delete the folder. You need to agree to the terms and conditions of the application before use.
    It also:
    Gives you access to the e-ticket system. Access to the latest news and updates. Allows you to join the community and resources. Is guaranteed spyware, adware and any other ware free (including no ads, call homes etc).  
    Please make sure to always check back on a regular basis as this application is being updated monthly.


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  2. Scanner Australia Broadcast Helper

    28/12/2015 Update: This download has been pulled as I have found some instability. Please check back soon for an updated version.
    This update has several improvements and bug fixes:
    1. Now minimizes to the system try as expected with a notification reminder (NEW)
    2. The About menu now has more information about the software and proper labeling (NEW)
    3. Program would sometimes freeze and become unresponsive (FIXED)
    4. Minor visual enhancements on the main application (NEW)
    5. New menu at the bottom of the program now acts as the hide in system tray function (NEW)
    Plus numerous bug fixes.
    I would highly recommend updating to this new version. Any issues? Found Bugs? Please report the in the forums. I always need feedback to make sure the software is as stable as possible.


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