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Australian Weather Viewer - Compatible with Windows

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This is a little app that shows radar images and some weather info. It will receive an update in Feb 2016

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  1. Introduction

    Australian Radar Viewer has been approved by the Bureau of Meteorology. This app allows you to view up-to-date radar images both as still images and in animation for NSW, ACT and VIC at this stage. I have also added the features below to this version software. No installation required. No installation required. You just need to agree to the terms before you can download it.

    Main Features

    Rain Radar Images of all New South Wales and Victorian sites Doppler Wind Images of all available New South Wales and Victorian Sites National Radar Images 4 Day national pressure chart forecast. Major City Text forecasts Past Rainfall data Auto Refreshing - always displays the latest images and information. Customize your radar location with ease. Can stay in notification area. Mini Radar viewer to keep available on the screen

    System Requirements

    Windows 7 Highly recommended Broadband Access 3.5 Mb of Disk space

    This software is still in development stages and is considered Beta. If you encounter bugs, please report them on the forums. This application does not alter any system files or registry settings and has been tested for spyware and contains no adware.


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