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  3. Any Outages or scheduled maintenance will be posted here if possible. If I am away from the system during an outage, please follow me on twitter to get up-to-date information. Thanks
  4. Hi all, Please let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions regarding the new Youtube channel. Also if you any any questions please let me know in this forum! Thanks
  5. Download Tested: Working File Integrity: Pass 15/04/2020
  6. Hello, Thanks for the kind words. How is Heidelberg around this time of year?
  7. Richad


    All fixed, sorry for the trouble I caused you!
  8. Why should I give you my hard earned cash?

    I have been dedicated to the community for 20 years now. The money provided by you and other members will go towards improving this website, the broadcast, desperately needed hardware and (my dream!) a better antenna and a new scanner! Plus paying for hosting, licensing and lawsuits (yes seriously!) is costing me a lot of money but I do not want to and never will give up providing a hopefully useful and at times entertaining service to NSW Australia.

    I have put my heart and soul into this project and I want it to grow with me. Your $15 dollars will go further than you could ever imagine. Not a single cent goes into my pocket. Its all pumped back into THIS website. 

    The current scanner is now over 20 years old and its old and tired. 

    Finally, I thank you for being here with me - whether you donate or not I thank you humbly for visiting and hopefully signing up to Scanner Australia - a website born out of love, dedication and the drive to give the community news as it happens. Unfiltered. Unaltered. 


    Scanner Australia

    15.00 AUD 10%
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