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  4. Any Outages or scheduled maintenance will be posted here if possible. If I am away from the system during an outage, please follow me on twitter to get up-to-date information. Thanks
  5. Hi all, Please let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions regarding the new Youtube channel. Also if you any any questions please let me know in this forum! Thanks
  6. Download Tested: Working File Integrity: Pass 15/04/2020
  7. Version 2.0


    This simple applet will allow you to run the broadcast in the background while giving you access to the Youtube channel, Twitter and Scanner Australia. This software is free as per usual. Please note you need Windows 10 to run this application.
  8. Hello, Thanks for the kind words. How is Heidelberg around this time of year?
  9. Take care of yourself, and Friends will understand. 73 QSL
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