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Hello Project Doppler (Codename)



Obviously way too early to celebrate yet - You may have noticed and outage today on the Broadcast. What happened? All I can say is that some SSDs have been installed alongside other "secret" hardware.

I have been wracking my brains for years now on how the stream can be more useful - I am shying away from calling it entertainment. After all you are listening to other peoples' misery and sometimes even loss. To me it is a tool that used correctly can be quite powerful.

Back to Doppler though. Project has officially started on the drawing board (literally on paper). That being said, the project folders have already been created just waiting to be filled (many are):



  (Sorry I blanked out some important parts - some shareholders wouldn't like to be named here.)


Very Short FAQ

How Long will it take to completion?

Hopefully second quarter of 2016

What is it?

Cant tell. Think along the same lines of this website though

Will it be free? 

I was asked that by friends and family since telling them the details. There will be a free version with restrictions and a paid version restriction free.
Money doesn't grow on servers.


Stay tuned for the unavoidable need for lab rats - I mean.... Alpha and Beta testers.....cough*

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