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Mobile Website Design




I thought I`d write a bit about the ongoing trend towards the usage of mobile devices to visit and conduct business on a range of websites. Obviously if a website is not compatible with mobile devices, it would be safe to say that most users would move on and find a site that is. 

While about 75% of my time had been spent over the last year developing content optimized for the notebook and desktop, I have been spending about 20% on making sure that users get an above average experience while visiting Scanner Australia on their mobile or other devices.

Current User Experience

This is what Scanner Australia looks like on the average mobile device:



User experience via mobile devices is mobile_user_experience.PNG.149d44b4f7fdc at the moment. Which means that:

  1. The site is easy to use with the little available screen real-estate.
  2. It is accessible to those with vision impairment.
  3. Bandwidth usage is being kept to a bare minimum.

Upcoming Projects

An iPhone and Apple Watch app will be released over the next 6 - 12 months. This will incorporate the Live Broadcasts, facilitate information sharing and hopefully increase community engagement.

I will release some interesting Analytics stats in my next blog post.



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