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Recent Outages - Technical Side of it

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My current internet is with Telstra Bigpond on Cable one terabyte a month. Lately there have been a lot of dropouts on the broadcast due to some unknown network fault on the internet side. 

So what happened? It seems like from a network engineers point of view, that one of the core routers was malfunctioning. All the evidence certainly pointed to it. While my internet speed was more than enough bandwidth wise:


As you can see, this is fast enough to run many streams side by side however the speed was never the problem. It was more the packet loss, latency and jitter:


During the outages, I was getting a consistent F Grade which would drop the network connection every 10 minutes. Jitter was usually pretty bad too. Just look at this:




While the jitter is not that bad in this image above, it could be better. The jitter I was getting was 20+ which is catastrophic for all types of streams.

That being said, it all appears to be running well now. 


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