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Introducing the Live Scanner Display!




The time has come to take that extra step in making the streaming service more interactive. 

The new service can be reached under www.grn.audio - nice and short URL which is easy to remember. You will also need to append the port number 5000 to the end of that URL. Once you are on that site, you will see plenty of interactive information. The most interesting though, will be the scanner display. It changes and updates exactly as it appears on my scanner. It looks like this:


Plenty more integration and work is planned on this additional service, mainly because the limit of listeners at the moment is only 100. This may seem a lot but just to give you an idea, over the Martin Place siege situation we had 600 active listeners via Broadcastify. 

One of the planned additions will be the permission for paying members to control the scanner for periods of time. This facility exists already but only for administrators and technicians to lock the stream to a channel in emergencies. As you can imagine, this is open to abuse hence has been disabled at the moment.

I will add some more information about grn.audio at a later point. Remember this service is first come best dressed. Once 100 slots are used up, you will have to wait or connect the audio only feed.




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