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NSW Government Radio Network Live Feed

Monitoring over 700 talk groups/1200 channels plus NSW Police seven days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

Click to connect via your web browser

New! You can now connect to the visual display via this link.

There are currently users listening to the NSW Government Radio Network.

The NSW/ACT GRN - Greater Sydney Area includes the following services:
  • NSW Police X-Ray Liaison Channels (Sydney Metro and surrounds)
  • Endeavour Energy (formerly Integral Energy)
  • NSW Fire & Rescue
  • State Emergency Services
  • Ambulance
  • Security
  • Rail (Sydney Trains)
  • Sheriff
  • Department of Corrections
  • Roads & Maritime (formely RTA)
  • Sydney Ports Corporation
  • Australian Broadcasting Corporation
  • Sydney Ferries
  • GRN Short Term - Loan Units
  • ESO - Emergency Liaison Channels
  • GL - Government Liaison Channels
  • Sydney Water

  • Got your own scanner? No problem. Use this site to program your own equipment to listen. This site contains all information needed to program your own scanner or if you dont have one, simply log on to the virtual scanner which basically shows the digital display on the scanner as it appears on my end. To do that, visit this page

    Having trouble connecting?

    First, please make sure that the stream is currently online. You can always check that by pressing "Service Status" at the top of this page. If it still doesnt work, please visit your client area and submit a support ticket. A staff member will respond to you shortly. You will need to be a member to submit a support ticket.

    Scanner Australia News Updates

    Live Scanner Display outage - now cleared

    Thanks to one of our members who reported this outage, I can happily report that everything is now working again. You may connect to the live scanner display through this link

    Admin email address brought in line with the domain name

    From now on, if you need to email me, please append a .au to all email addresses related to Scanner Australia. You can either open a support ticket or email me through "Contact us" at the bottom of every page.

    Proscan Database File new Version 3.0 Released - 7/12/2016

    I have re-released this years` updated database file. You may head over to the download area through the top menu and download it. You need to be logged in to get your hands on it.

    If you need help, just open a support ticket.

    New Software Release

    Releasing the new software called NSW/ACT Broadcast Helper 1.0 will make it much easier from now on to listen from any Windows machine with speakers and an internet connection.

    It is very simple:

    1. Run the installer - the software will not alter or change any system files or registry.

    2. The software is set to auto connect, which will mean you can start listening right away.

    3. If there are any issues, there are options on the main screen to file a ticket support request, you can visit Scanner Australia for checking out all other interesting things that we have hosted. You can also become a member directly through the main menu.

    4. Filing the support ticket will go directly to me it can serve as application feedback, low volume on the broadcast.

    5. Before of course, go to this page

    Information for members and guests

    Outage of Secondary Stream server cleared

    I have rectified the outage that affected the Scanner Australia Software. You are now able to connect with the software again.

    Database file for Proscan released

    I have released the Proscan database file for the first time. This database file can be imported into Proscan and will give you an complete GRN coverage for NSW and ACT.

    While other people charge for this I feel that this will help a lot of people that are just starting with their hobby. I really hope this will be helping people that love scanning but dont know where to start.

    Free Online Storage on Offer - 13/3/2015
    I am offering now offering free private and ecrypted storage hosted by myself through the Microsoft Network. If you are interested, please contact me directly using the support ticket system.


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