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Scanner Australia Broadcasting
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  • Welcome to Scanner Australia Broadcasting!

    You can find all about Broadcasting, information, community integration and a comprehensive user submitted library of frequencies, caller IDs and control channels for the GRN.

    You will need to register to access the live streams. Once you are logged in, the front page will display the connect and YouTube button further on down this page. Remember, sign up is free, easy and your information wont be shared with anyone. You will also never receive newsletters from this site unless you selected it in your preferences.

    We are a crowdfunded Live Broadcast site which also offers in-depth information and resources on everything Scanning Related. With a growing community and ever increasing wealth of information, we strive to build the go-to site for Scanning Hobbyists and news-seekers alike.

    Even though the variety of information varies state by state, I am constantly adding more data and information for more Australian states. If you cannot find the info you are looking for please first check the forums. There is a good chance that a member has posted something useful under your home state. If you still come up empty please start a new thread in the relevant forum and I will answer as soon as I can.

    I sincerely hope that you enjoy this website and that you will find the information and broadcast offered here interesting. I need your help to keep this stream alive! After nearly 20 years of running this service for free, I would appreciate if you could visit Patreon or alternatively consider subscribing to one of our packages for $5 or $10 a year. It will go a long way to help me keep this site going long into the future. Click here to have a look Thank you so much


    The Youtube channel streaming live in 11h50m increments is available now which you can visit here. The link is easy to remember; livecast.org.au.

    You can find live streams and archived audio of this stream on this channel. I am currently busy publishing all Analog Police Archives I have collected over the decade of streaming. You can catch the broadcasts on youtube - both live and archived.

    Introducing BathurstScan

    BathurstScan is being operated by a mate of mine and I would appreciate it if you show him some love by visiting his website, listeninng to his interesting streams and most importantly send him across a small donation if you are able to. Operating a streaming and scanning site is difficult - I would know all about that and he covers what I dont; The Bathurst 1000 race and emergency services operations of the Bathurst Area which is not normally covered by me.

    Please click here to visit his website and here to send him a donation via Paypal.

    Both Dave and myself thank you for your continued help in keeping this community service alive and free for everyone to access. It would be a shame for it to vanish due to a lack of funding.

    News Update 1:

    Shortly I will start offering dabatase programming service for both the UBCD396T and UBCD536-PT digital scanners by Uniden. This service will provide you with the latest GRN database for your area as a digital download for you to directly copy to your scanner. I will announce pricing once the details have been worked out.

    News Update 2:

    I introduced a new feature, you will be able to see a listing of Australian Compatible Scanners. This feature is still in development but you can get an early preview from the top of the main menu - Scanner Database. I hope you enjoy the new features being introduced.


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